The purpose of this website is to provide records in order to meet its obligations under the Freedom of Information Act.

In the following pages, in addition to the Welcome page, you will find the names and contact details of our Chairman and Councillors together with Agendas and Minutes of Meetings, Annual and Audited Accounts.

As you will see in the Street Lighting and Cemetery pages, the Parish Council are financially responsible for the upkeep and repairs necessary to ensure the street lights are repaired or replaced when reported as not working and that the Cemetery is kept in a clean and tidy condition.  We are responsible for the repair and replacement of the street furniture, the War Memorial and surround and the bus shelter which was purchased in 2005, grit bins, electricity bills, Insurance and subscriptions, we help with the cost of the Playing Field grass maintenance and set aside an agreed sum of money for charitable donations.

We also work in conjunction with the Norfolk County Council, Highways, whose “Rangers” visit the village every 13 weeks to carry out small road repairs, clear drains, tidy grass verges etc.   If residents notice any repairs or small maintenance jobs which may be part of the work carried out by the Rangers,  please advise the Clerk who will report them to Highways.

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