Councillors Present: S.Temple (Chairman), John Harrison, George Brett-Reynolds, Tim Green, Sophie Trend, Tina Guillory and Jenny Savoury.

MINUTES AND MATTERS ARISING.   Minutes of meeting held on 11th May 2015 were approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.   WIGHTON CEMETERY CAR PARK.   Following complaints received regarding the muddy conditions at the entrance to the cemetery, Cllr.John Harrison offered to contact Tony Keeble to arrange a meeting to discuss the possibility of improving the entrance and opening up part of the fence, as suggested by Cllr.George Brett Reynolds, allowing visitors to enter the cemetery directly from the car park.   CARPENTERS ARMS.   The Chairman mentioned that since submission of a Community Right to Bid Nomination Form, apart from confirmation of receipt, there was nothing further to report.

FINANCE    In addition to the payments authorised at the previous meeting, the Clerk reported that cheques had been issued to:   Norse Services (Playing field grass cutting) £460.37, Wighton Methodist Chapel (Room rent) £25.00, K.Abraham (Internal Audit) £61.00, and requested authorisation to pay K & M Lighting (Lighting Maintenance) £319.04.

STREET LIGHTING   The Chairman advised that the Clerk had spoken to K and M Lighting regarding the price of LED Lighting Units as a replacement for the Sodium lamps in use at the present time.   The price is £350.00 each plus VAT and it was agreed that when a light was reported as “out” and not able to be repaired, it was to be replaced with a new LED unit.

CORRESPONDENCE   In addition to correspondence received and forwarded via the internet, letters had been received from the following: Norfolk County Council re: Bus Shelter Maintenance – how many shelters we have, whether made from glass/metal/brick etc. and cost of maintenance and repair.   Mr.Paul Lazell, Manor House, Kirkgate Lane, asking for permission to replace his mothers’ gravestone which had become very dirty and difficult to clean.   Clerk advised Mr.Lazell we had no objection.   Norfolk County  Council re: Parish Partnership offering 50/50 funding on a number of schemes including Speed Awareness Mobile signs (SAM2) which can be placed in areas where excessive speed is an issue.   The Chairman asked Cllr.Sophie Trend to look in to price etc.in readiness for discussion at the November Parish Council Meeting.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS   The Clerk advised she had received a telephone call from Mazars (External Auditors) regarding the amount of cash in hand following the 2014/2015 audit.   It was explained that over £2000 had been paid on maintenance work in the village and Cemetery and also Insurance at the beginning of the new financial year and this was accepted.   Mazars were also concerned that our annual income has reduced recently and suggested we may need to increase our Precept.   This to be discussed at the November meeting.     The Clerk also reported that in accordance with the Dept. for Communities and Local Government rules and regulations we are now bound to have a Parish Council Website.   A free website has been set up for us by Norfolk ALC and over the next dew weeks our Agendas, Minutes, Councillors names and contact numbers, information and announcement pages etc.will be set up for all to see.   Concerns were raised regarding the untidy overgrown condition of the village pond and it was agreed this should be discussed in more detail at the November meeting.   Cllr Sophie Trend mentioned that due to the North Norfolk Music Festival concert being held in All Saints Church on Wednesday 19th August, there would be a higher volume of people and vehicles  than usual in the village.

NEXT MEETING   Monday 9th November 2015 at 7.30pm in the Methodist Chapel.   There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.20pm

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