Street Lighting

There are 14 street lights in Wighton operating from dusk to dawn.   Occasionally they become faulty.   The Parish Council is responsible for all the repairs and maintenance of our street lighting and we have a contractor to carry out repairs which are undertaken within a very short time, but this will only happen if a faulty street light is reported.   Please let the Parish Clerk know, who can be contacted by email  [email protected] then it can be reported to the contractor.   When reporting a faulty light we need to know the exact location from the list below:

High Street.   Pole No.9002, Outside No.1.   9003, Opposite the Old School,   9004, Opposite Temples Barn/Chalk Farm Barn,  9007, outside Old Smithy/ Church Farm House,   9008, Opposite Junction Buddells Lane,   9010, Opposite Bridge Cottage,   9011, Near Junction Warham Road.

Wells Road.   Pole No.9001, Opposite Orchard Farm House.

Copys Green.   Pole No. 9012, Opposite No.4.   9013, Outside No.16.

Kirkgate Lane.   Pole No. 9005, Opposite All Saints Church, 9006, Opposite No.12,   9014, Opposite The Manor House.

Buddells Lane.   Pole No. 9009, Opposite No.25.

The most common problems are – 1) The light does not work at all, 2) Light glows but does not come on properly or 3) Light is on continuously.

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